Pricing is based on: The experience of the stylist, the length and integrity of your hair, the time required to perform your service, the type of service you are receiving and the amount of product required to achieve your desired color, cut or style. It is highly recommended that you book a consultation prior to your appointment to ensure you are comfortable with every aspect of your service.

Prior to booking your appointment, we kindly ask that you scroll down to view our cancelling/rescheduling policy and other important information. We want to ensure that you have a comfortable and satisfactory experience at our salon from start to finish.

Cut, Blowdry, Style

Consultation: $35/30 minutes. (goes towards the service that you book)

Dry Trim: $50 (Hair must be clean and dry prior to coming in, no exceptions. No styling or drying)

Signature Haircut: $70-$90 (60 minutes. Perfect for our return clients)

De-Luxe Haircut: $100 (90 minutes. Uninterrupted haircut bliss for the ultimate experience. Perfect for our first time clients)

Haircut Therapy: $125 (120 minutes, for the “don’t rush me, don’t tell anyone where I am” individual. Pure, undivided attention from your stylist, complimentary conditioning treatment, extra styling/finishing, and a gentle high-five on your way out. Perfect for return and new clients who want a little extra)

Men’s haircut: $40-$50 (45-60 minutes)

New Fringe or Bang Trim: $20+

Basic Blow Dry: $40-75 (add $10 for any curling or flat iron styling)

Up-do/Style: $85-125

Tape-In extensions: requires a consultation. 


All services listed below may not include the price of a blowout/finish. Please ask your stylist prior to your service if your blowout will or will not be included within the price.

Single Process: $75-$115

Double Process: $275+

Face-frame foil or balayage  (area around the face only): $75+

Partial Foil: $135+

Half-head foil: $165+

Full-head foil: $250+

Partial or Half-head balayage: $200+

Full-head balayage: $275+

Custom temple area, crown area, or nape area foil or balayage detail: $75-$155

Ombre: Virgin hair/$300+,  Previously colored hair (consultation required)

Toner, gloss, glaze $65-85 (depends on length of hair and service booked)

Corrective color: $125/hour+ (consultation required)



Lash Services with Emma:

Lash consultation: required for all new lash guests/$30 goes towards any lash service

Classic set: $100

Volume set: $150

Hybrid (classic and volume) $125

Lash removal/cleansing and conditioning: $30

Classic fill: $45

Volume fill: $65

Hybrid fill: $55

We strongly recommend waiting no longer than 3 weeks for a fill. 

All fills beyond 3 weeks are considered a full set and will be charged accordingly.



Conditioning Treatments:

Conditioning Treatments are created to suit individual needs: $25+

Brittle/Dry/Fragile Hair

Rebellious/Curly Hair

Lifeless/Dull Hair



Basic Makeup: $85

Formal/Evening Makeup Application: $125 (includes lashes)

Makeup lesson: $200 (includes basic makeup or evening makeup lesson and lashes)

PLEASE NOTE: Our cancellation policy has changed as of January 2020!


Salon Policy, Information, Reservation Policies and Return Policy:

  •  All online appointments and new appointments over-the-phone and online require a credit card to reserve. We do not charge the card at the time of reservation. (Please read our cancellation policy below)


  • Forms of payment accepted are as follows: cash or credit/debit card.  Prices do not include tax and gratuity. Please note that a deposit may be required at the time of booking for certain services. All prices are subject to change at the discretion of the stylist. For clients under the age of 18, a waiver must be signed by an adult/parent/guardian before any stylist performs a color/chemical service.


  • We prefer cash gratuity. Don’t have cash? All stylists accept Venmo (a PayPal company) gratuity. (Warren location does not accept credit card gratuity and this is stated in our appointment confirmations for services booked there)


  • Prices vary with each stylist.  If you’re trying to stay within a budget, we are happy to go over all of our pricing with you. If you have questions, contact the salon or ask your stylist.


  • If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please call us: 401.383.3797 in Providence and 401.289.3787 in Warren. Emailing us to cancel or book an appointment is extremely difficult for us as we get so many emails daily. We will not cancel or reschedule an appointment through social media messages. You must call the salon. 


  • Cancellations must be made within 48 hours of your appointment. Any cancellations with less than 48 hours notice  will result in a charge of $50 and will be charged to your credit card on file. Same day cancellations will be subject to a charge of 100% of the service amount.
  • We have a strict NO-SHOW/NO-CALL policy. For no-shows or missed appointments without any contact, we charge 100% of the missed appointment amount to your card on file.


  • If you cancel an appointment for a service that is over 3 hours and you’re not within the 48 hour time frame for cancelling, you may be subject to charge of 100% of your service. We will use 50% of that amount towards a future appointment. We may require a deposit for services that are over 2 hours. 


  • If your card is declined, you will be responsible for the amount declined prior to booking any service.
  • We know things happen and we get it. We really appreciate the cooperation and proper notice because this is how our stylists support themselves and their families. 


  • LA LA LUXE DOES NOT OFFER REFUNDS OR CREDIT ON ANY SERVICES. We will fix anything that is not satisfactory if you call and visit us within 7 DAYS of the original service. All services re-done after 7 days will be charged accordingly.


  • We do not accept any returns on products. If you are not happy with your purchase, you may bring it back and we will offer 10% off of another product. 


  • If you are receiving a color correction, please note that you may be required to visit us several times and have multiple corrective coloring sessions in order to achieve a beautiful end result and proper correction. You will be charged accordingly for each visit/session during the corrective process.  Your stylist will explain all of this to you during your consultation prior to the service. 


  • La La Luxe is not responsible for any damage to clothing left on under your styling/color gown/cape, so please dress accordingly. We have beautiful kimono gowns and belted gowns to wear while you’re here. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items while at our salon.


  • We are not responsible for damage to your hair due to undisclosed information regarding  your past history of hair coloring, bleaching, swimming in chlorine, well-water, product usage, past home-coloring, box-coloring, chemical treatments and any other treatments. It is extremely important that you relay all information and history of previous services within the past 3 years.


  • In order to maintain a relaxed atmosphere in our intimate space, La La Luxe asks that child-care arrangements are made prior to your service. Some people are here to escape the noise, so we ask that children stay home unless they are getting a service.  We ask that you turn all alerts and ringers off prior to walking into La La Luxe. We know that sometimes people need to contact you, but kindly acknowledge that most people find a loud conversation or ringer to be distracting.


  • We always do our best to accommodate everyone. La La Luxe is happy to take walk-in appointments if we have the availability.


  •  Looking for some quiet while you’re here? Want to skip over the small talk? Just inform our receptionist that you want your appointment to be “chat-free” (we will consult and relay any hair-related information) or put “silent” in the comment box when booking online. We want you to feel as comfortable here as possible and we know that sometimes you just wanna sit and not “chat”. We love to talk, but if you request this type of service, we fully support it.



Questions, concerns and thoughts can be sent to 

We welcome your feedback and appreciate your business more than you know.