Pricing is based on: The experience of the stylist, the length and integrity of your hair, the time required to perform your service, the type of service you are receiving and the amount of product required to achieve your desired color, cut or style while maintaining the health and integrity of your hair. We do our best to have a thorough consultation prior to your service so you are comfortable with your service, pricing and your experience.  If you have any questions at all, please ask us.

Cut and Style

Haircut: $65-$95 (includes blowout)

Men’s haircut: $25-$50

New Fringe or Bang Trim: $15+

Basic Blow Dry: $35+ (add $10 for any curling or flat iron styling)

Up-do/Style: $85-125

Custom Clip-In extensions: $200+

Permanent extensions and Tape-In extensions require a consultation


Single Process: $75-$95

Double Process: $250+

Face-frame foil or balayage  (area around the face/temples): $75+

Partial Foil: $135+

Half-head foil: $165+

Full-head foil: $250+

Half-head balayage: $175+

Full-head balayage: $275+

Ombre: Virgin hair/$125+,  Previously colored hair (consultation recommended)

Toner or Glaze: $30-65 (depends on length of hair)

Corrective color: $100/hour+ (consultation required)

Conditioning Treatments:

Conditioning Treatments are created to suit individual needs: $25+

Brittle/Dry/Fragile Hair

Rebellious/Curly Hair

Lifeless/Dull Hair

Olaplex Treatments: $35+


Basic Makeup: $85

Formal/Evening Makeup Application: $85-125

Faux/Temporary lashes: $10 for strip or individual lashes


Salon Policy and Online Booking Information:


Forms of payment accepted are as follows: cash  or credit/debit card.  Prices do not include tax and gratuity. Please note that a deposit may be required at the time of booking for certain services. All prices are subject to change at the discretion of management and/or stylist.  For clients under the age of 18, a waiver must be signed by an adult/parent/guardian before any stylist performs a color/chemical service.

Prices vary with each stylist.  If you’re trying to stay within a budget, we are happy to go over pricing with you. If you have questions, contact the salon or ask your stylist.  Some stylists do not accept credit cards.

In order to maintain a RELAXED atmosphere in our intimate space, La La Luxe asks that child-care arrangements are made. Some people are here to escape their hectic lives so we ask that children stay home unless they are getting a service.  

We ask that you turn ALL CELL PHONES OFF prior to walking into La La Luxe. We know that sometimes people need to contact you, but kindly acknowledge that most people find a loud conversation or ringer to be distracting.

Cancellation of appointment(s) is to be made 24 hours prior to the scheduled time. Any cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will result in a charge of $25.00.  WE CHARGE 100% of the service price for all NO-SHOWS or MISSED APPOINTMENTS without a call. Entire amount will be added to your future appointment or charged to the credit card on file. All new clients will need to use a credit card to reserve appointments.  We require a credit card to book for all Extension and Keratin services.  For all cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to Extension or Keratin services, we will charge 100% of the service price.

If you are unhappy with your hair, we will be happy to fix it for you within 7 days from the date of your service.  You must call the salon within 24 hours of the original date and a re-do appointment must be within that 7 days. If you visit us after 7 days of the service, you will be charged. LA LA LUXE DOES NOT OFFER REFUNDS ON ANY SERVICES. 

If you are receiving a color correction, please know that you may be required to visit us several times in order to achieve a beautiful end result and proper correction. You will be charged accordingly for each visit during the corrective process.  Your stylist will explain all of this to you during your consultation.

We are sorry, but we can not accept any returns on products. 

We will not and can not perform any chemical or color service on anyone under the age of 18 unless they are accompanied by an adult/parent/guardian and have signed a waiver.

La La Luxe is not responsible for any damage to clothing left on under your styling/color gown/cape, so please dress accordingly. La La Luxe is not responsible for any lost or stolen items while at our salon. 

When booking an appointment online through our online booking system, please make sure you receive a confirmation email from us accepting your requested appointment before coming for your appointment.  Appointments booked online are not considered booked until YOU receive a confirmation from us that your appointment was accepted. Emails are sent to clients that book online for either an approval or decline of an appointment, so make sure you OPEN the email and CHECK to see that your appointment was accepted. If your appointment is rejected, please call the salon.  We ALWAYS do our best to accommodate everyone. La La Luxe is happy to take walk-in appointments if we have the availability!

Questions and complaints can be sent to We welcome your feedback and appreciate your support!  

Here are some tips that can make your service results more successful:

  1. Chemical services can have varying results based on your individual hair and previous color/chemical services done on your hair.
  2. It is EXTREMELY important that you make your stylist aware of any and all other processes you have used on your hair/scalp otherwise chemical reactions, unwanted results, damage to your hair and skin/scalp reactions may occur.
  3. Your clothes may be exposed to chemicals, color and products despite our best efforts to protect them. If you prefer, you can dress down for your services or put on a robe (available in our salon).
  4. There is a risk in your jewelry being damaged or stained during your service, therefore we ask that you remove any jewelry before getting a chemical or color service.
  5. Please feel free contacting La La Luxe directly any time after your service if you have any questions or concerns.
  6. Certain individuals who have NEVER received a color/chemical service can have skin or allergic reactions. You MUST have a patch test done prior to any service, otherwise we will not perform any service without the test.
  7. If you are here for a corrective service, you will most likely need more than 1 visit with your stylist. Please be aware that some individuals require up to 5 visits to achieve desired results. Our main goal is to maintain the integrity and health of your hair while making you beautiful.